VAT – AAFES Concessionaires

My name is Michael Uhrig, I am partner of our Steuerberater law firm Schneider & Uhrig. We are – Steuerberater – comparable to tax attorneys and CPA’S in the United States.

Our office is located in the city of KAISERSLAUTERN.

We are experts in respect to VAT and taxation of international companies.

We want to especially adress concessionaires of AAFES in Ramstein. Aafees offers either short-term and also long-terms concessionaire contracts. These are subject to German VAT taxation. We can help you with this.

Nether the less, there are certain rules and regulations you still have to fulfill in order to generate in deed a VAT tax free sales.

In case you have VAT-problems, in charge is Finanzamt Kusel-Landstuhl, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Please keep in mind, that also employees (either german or american) working on base are subject to german social securities german payroll taxes.

Our Office can help you with the following problems:

  • NATO / SOFA / German VAT
  • Tax consulting
  • Annual and monthly Accounting
  • German VAT
  • German VAT-forms
  • Start-up Investments and financing
  • Business administration Taxes
  • AAFES, NATO and SOFA contract agreements
  • Short- and longterm concessionaires contracts
  • Private advice
  • Pay Slips / German Social Security

Do have similar problems? We know about that! In case you have further questions about our services or our law firm Schneider & Uhrig in general – please do not hestitate to give us a call.