VAT Services Germany

Welcome to our tax office,

My name is Michael Uhrig, I am partner of our law firm Schneider & Uhrig. We are – Steuerberater – comparable to tax attorneys and CPA’S in the United States.

Our law firm is located in the southwest of Germany – more or less in the FRANKFURT-area. Our offices are located in the cities of ALZEY and KAISERSLAUTERN.

We are experts in respect to VAT and taxation of international companies. Due to this we can certainly help you with all of your tax problems and of course your accounting.

In case you do not have a permanent establishment in Germany, but are doing business in Germany, you need to be registered for VAT purposes.

  • We can apply for your company a VAT registration in Germany and also take care of any correspondance to the local tax authorities
  • We will also complete and submit your monthly and yearly VAT returns
  • We will be checking your company’s incoming and outgoing invoices to ensure that they fulfill German VAT requirements and legislation
  • In respect to your international shipments, deliveries and other services, it is important to know, where these services are taxable. We will help you to determine the correct handling.

In case you do infact have a permanent establishment in Germany (in pespect to the relevant double tax treaty), we can help you of course as well with all the legal requirements you will have to fulfill, such as

  • Accounting
  • Payroll, payslips, social securities and anything that goes anlong with this.
  • Balance sheets
  • Monthly and yearly VAT returns
  • Year end tax returns and so on.

In case you are doing business with susidiaries in Germany,of course transfer pricing is a very big issue here. We can help you with the necessary documentations you will have to set up in respect to this. It is very important to have everything set up in time.

  • Payroll and payslips
  • Social security and anything that goes anlong with this.

Tax audit representation

In case your company has been selected for a tax audit in Germany, we are able to provide any help needed. We can either support your own actions but as well even host the auditors in our office and take care of the entire auditing-process.

In case you have further questions about our services or our law firm Schneider & Uhrig in general – please do not hestitate to give us a call.

My name is Michael Uhrig, you will reach me in our KAISERSLAUTERN – office.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.